Knife & Axe Throwing Have a swing at something new!

Throw knifes and axes at wooden targets, similar to darts but much more rugged rustic and exciting.

$18 a hour per person (axes and knives provided)

Archery Take aim and test your skills on our 60 foot range

A rustic archery range within walking distance of downtown Guelph, Take a shot at something new or hone your skills using your own bow or one from our armory.

$18.00 a hour with your own equipment

$30.00 a hour with rental equipment

Classes are a great way to learn archery and develop your skills.

Archery classes, for those aiming to improve their skills.
Fencing classes, if you want to take a stab at learning something new.


24 hour access coming in the new year for those of you with your own equipment.

Archery Memberships

6 Month Membership $200.00

1 Year Membership $350.00

1 Year Youth* Membership $125.00 *(Ages 7-16)

Equipment Rental $9.00/Visit

Membership does not include Classes