The medieval academy welcomes all archers age 8 and above. We strive to create an inclusive environment where people of all abilities feel comfortable and valued. Our coaches strive to make learning archery a fun and rewarding experience, thereby installing a passion for the sport in every participant.

All necessary equipment is provided. We always have range marshals available to help you. The experienced archers love to share their ideas and knowledge as well. You just need to ask.There is no dress code but we do suggest that archers avoid wearing loose fitting clothing around the neck to avoid interference with your shots.

Classes will begin again in the fall check back later for updates.

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The Academy of Medieval Skills has a great owner in Guelph! With the wisdom of Wayne Kurtz (multi-business creator and retired professional consultant). His stellar management team, our amazing staff of archers, throwing weapon experts and sword fighters are here to give you an alternative entertainment experience that feels new but is aged as old as time.