Modern Fencing via the Royal City Fencing Club

The clubs mission is to introduce children to the olympic sport of modern fencing and bring out the best in them emphasizing passion, challenge, self reliance and the will to achieve. The club focuses on youth development, with the goal of training high performance athletes.

The majority of the medieval academy modern fencing students are age 9 to 14 years old and train beginner, recreational, intermediate and competitive levels. But we train any level and age.

Classes-8 Weeks
April 3, 2018  – May 2nd 2018
Youth 8-14
Tuesday 7 PM- 9 PM

$200 +HST Without Equipment

$176 +HST With Own Equipment

Head Coach Mike Kasunic bio

I have involved with fencing for over 27 years sinec starting as a first year student at the University of Waterloo. I quickly fell in love with this unique sport. I started coaching while still at university and have continued on to the present time learning from many fencing masters along the way. I spent over 11 years helping the youth fencers at the accomplished Beaches Sabre Club in Toronto before moving out of the city and extablishing the Escapment Fencing Club, which has now becomethe Royal City Fencing Club. In 2014 I was selected as one the Ontario Summer Games coaches and have assisant coach at the University of Guelph since 2013.

In addition to coaching Mike is a provincially certified armourer who acted as an Assistant Armourer at the 2015 PanAm games in Toronto.

Here’s some good info from a past club I was involved with as well.

Everyone is welcome! No fencing experience required. Fencing equipment will be provided. The classes introduce basic fencing footwork, and various attack and defense techniques. Activities include fencing lessons, sparring, fitness, mental training, and games.

While the club provides specialized fencing equipment for those enrolled in the classes (foil, mask, glove, and jacket), participants are asked to bring a t-shirt, a pair of sweat or track pants (NO SHORTS), and athletic shoes.


The Academy of Medieval Skills has a great owner in Guelph! With the wisdom of Wayne Kurtz (multi-business creator and retired professional consultant). His stellar management team, our amazing staff of archers, throwing weapon experts and sword fighters are here to give you an alternative entertainment experience that feels new but is aged as old as time.