Lil Ranger

The Lil Ranger Program is a dual activity set up for youngsters from about 7 years old to 11 or so. Age requirement is not firm as it is more about the participant’s ability to focus and listen to instruction. the first 30-40 mins are dedicated to archery and the remaining time spent learning some swordplay basics using boffer (padded) swords that usually results in a “tire them out free for all”. protective equipment is not a requirement though a sport helmet with face cage is recommended. Lil Rangers runs Saturday mornings from 10 to 11.

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The Academy of Medieval Skills has a great owner in Guelph! With the wisdom of Wayne Kurtz (multi-business creator and retired professional consultant). His stellar management team, our amazing staff of archers, throwing weapon experts and sword fighters are here to give you an alternative entertainment experience that feels new but is aged as old as time.