Knife & Axe Throwing Have a swing at something new!

Throw knifes and axes at wooden targets, similar to darts but much more rugged rustic and exciting.

$18 a hour per person (axes and knives provided)

Archery Take aim and test your skills on our 60 foot range

A rustic archery range within walking distance of downtown Guelph, Take a shot at something new or hone your skills using your own bow or one from our armory.

$18.00 a hour with your own equipment

$30.00 a hour with rental equipment

Classes are a great way to learn archery and develop your skills.

We have a Beginner class perfect for anyone looking to learn something new and an intermediate class for those looking to further improve their aim.


24 hour access for those of you with your own equipment.

Archery Memberships

6 Month Membership $200.00

1 Year Membership $350.00

1 Year Youth* Membership $125.00 *(Ages 7-16)

Equipment Rental $9.00/Visit

Membership does not include Classes