The medieval academy also hosts Govannas Swordsmanship classes on Sunday eve from 6-PM for youth 10 -15 and 7-PM for adults with supervised free-sparring from 8-PM.


Govannas focuses on medieval swordsmanship beginning with the single hand European long sword. Students have an opportunity to work through several traditional medieval weapons including the Hand and a Half and two handed long swords, axe, dagger, spear and various forms of shields.

Govannas trains both sides of the body to develop ambidextrous proficiency with all weapons in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Youth- 6 Weeks
Sunday 6 PM-7 PM
Adult- 6 Weeks
Sunday 7 PM-8 PM
Included Additional Open Sparing- 6 Weeks
Sunday 8 PM-9 PM
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The Academy of Medieval Skills has a great owner in Guelph! With the wisdom of Wayne Kurtz (multi-business creator and retired professional consultant). His stellar management team, our amazing staff of archers, throwing weapon experts and sword fighters are here to give you an alternative entertainment experience that feels new but is aged as old as time.